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The Project

MY Fassa PLUS Experience was created for those like us who are in love with Val di Fassa. We thought that, since no one will be able to enjoy the magic of Val di Fassa this year, we will bring it to you with our online experiences.

Every week our best hosts will create virtual experiences which you can access via zoom and participate in the proposed activities in direct contact with them. Choose the experience you prefer and get ready at the indicated time.

It will be like being here , but from the sofa in your home.

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The online experiences were born to <strong> help </strong> a tourism stopped to <strong> restart </strong> thanks to the network.

In every experience, our Hosts will <strong> guide you </strong> in their world, breaking away from the usual routine.

<strong> You will learn </strong> many curiosities and you can amaze your loved ones, for example with a Ladin recipe.

<span style = “font-size: 16px; color: var (–e-global-color-text);”> You will discover the <strong> Val di Fassa </strong> and its inhabitants from a new point of view, all thanks to a contact via <strong> Zoom video calls </strong>. </span>
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How does it work?

Choose the experience you like best based on the activity that will be carried out, the date and time.

Purchase your ticket with secure methods.

15 minutes before the scheduled time you will receive a link via email to watch your experience via Zoom.

What Learn and how do I understand if it's for me?

For those who are afraid of traveling but want to discover new places and meet people


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From this page CLICK HERE just click on the link of the experience you like most and then choose the number of tickets to buy and click on buy.

Yes, your seat can be sold to <strong> another person as long as you participate alone </strong>. It is not allowed to be able to participate in the same experience in several people.

We have not yet foreseen a discount of this nature, but it will be implemented in the future.

Yes, it must be expressly requested by e-mail to

Before contacting us, try to leave and re-enter from the link we have provided you by email.

Yes, but only in the manner shown in our manual terms and conditions CLICK HERE

Before contacting us, try to exit and re-enter the link we have provided you by email. In case you are aware of the little signal present

We have not yet foreseen a discount of this nature, but it will be implemented in the future.

You will need to contact us promptly so that we can resolve the situation at

Find everything in the terms and conditions dedicated to you CLICK HERE